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Recycled Yarn Boot Sock

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Recycled Yarn Boot Sock

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Color:Heather Grey / Crème / Spice

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Thick socks made from recycled cotton featuring a three-tone design and an ideal length for boots.

• 68% Cotton / 20% Acrylic / 9% Nylon / 2% Poly / 1%Spandex • Machine wash cold • Tumble dry low

American Apparel has proudly partnered with numerous textile recycling companies that turn our excess cotton fibers and clippings into high-quality, cotton-blend yarn. They are also developed into insulation and padding materials for various industries as well.

Our factory recycles 125,000 lbs. of fabric each week—making us nearly landfill-free since 2012. We then purchase the yarn back from these companies and use it to knit sweaters and other garments.

This closed-circle recycling reduces landfill usage, cuts down on water waste by utilizing already dyed fabric, conserves land by not having to grow new cotton, simplifies the manufacturing process—reducing energy and resource usage, and of course, makes it easy to know exactly where our materials comes from.