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Unisex Oversized Ringer See Thru T-Shirt

Unisex Oversized Ringer See Thru T-Shirt

We no longer have this item in the selected size and color. We may carry it in the future, but it is not available at this time.

An ultra-soft, oversized version of our classic ringer T-shirt made translucent through our burnout process. A great layering piece for men, or belted tunic for women.

• 100% Polyester construction • Approximately 33" (83.8cm) in total length • Please note: Due to the unique treatment, ultra-soft, burned-out fabric has a translucent color. Because the burnout process varies from piece to piece, it is normal for some garments to be sheerer than others and have variations in shading within the same T-shirt. Expect fraying at the collar, and possibly small snags or runs. Fabric is very delicate. Handle with care. • Unisex size – available in a loose fit One Size only

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