Made in the USA - Sweatshop Free

Designed, Cut
and Sewn in Los Angeles

We operate in 1.5 million square feet of manufacturing space - the equivalent of 26 American football fields.

This is What
Made in the USA
Looks Like.

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A t-shirt takes 15 seconds to sew and 2 quality checks to perfect.

Our garments are American-made, from start to finish. Our factory is the largest sewing facility in North America, employing 4,500 skilled workers. And of course we visit our sewing factory every single day, because we work there. Integrating manufacturing, distribution and creative under one roof increases our efficiency. Proximity simplifies.

86 Hands.
One Pencil Jean.

The Difference
Between a Job
and a Career

T-Shirts that show a difference

Our garment workers are the highest paid in the world. They can earn in excess of $30,000 annually while receiving comprehensive healthcare and benefits. Our garments are created by fairly-paid professionals who make a living doing what they do and take pride in the fact.


We have a smaller carbon footprint than our competitors. We recycle almost all of our manufacturing waste–an average of 125,000 lbs of textile and 25,000 lbs of paper, plastic and cardboard per week (over 260 semi-truck loads per year). As of 2016, we are virtually landfill-free. In addition, our solar panels off set as much as 20% of our electrical usage.



Equality Forward T Shirts

We are committed to reinvesting profits and time into supporting human rights for all. Our primary initiatives over the years have aimed to educate people about immigration reform and LGBTQ rights as our workforce is directly impacted by discriminatory and short-sighted legislation in these areas.

In 2015, we worked diligently with Human Rights Campaign Foundation and California Community Foundation to impact real change. In the process, we also gained a 100% corporate equality score. We are passionate about social responsibility.

It's built in our company DNA.


We are the Largest
Clothing Manufacturer
in North America